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内容摘要:想让学习效率翻倍?可以试试这个The key to learning a new motor skill-such as playing the piano or mastering a new sport-isn't necessarily how many hours you......


The key to learning a new motor skill-such as playing the piano or mastering a new sport-isn't necessarily how many hours you spend practising,but the way you practise,according to a 2016 study.


腾讯分分彩 Scientists have found that by subtly varying your training,you can keep your brain more active throughout the learning process,and halve the time it takes to get up to scratch.

腾讯分分彩 科学家们发明,只要稍微改变一下你的练习方法,你就可以或许在全部进修过程中让本身的大脑保持高活泼状况,入门所需的时光也能少一半。

The research goes somewhat against the old assumption that simply repeating a motor skill over and over again-for example,practising scales on the piano or 腾讯分分彩指无法在一准时光范围内用惯例软件对象进行捕获、治理和处理的数据集合,是须要新处理模式才能具有更强的决定计划力、洞察发明力和流程优化才能的海量、高增长率和多样化的信息资产。playing the same level on your game over and over again-was the best way to master it.


Instead,it turns out there might be a quicker(and more enjoyable)way to level up.

腾讯分分彩 事实上,还有一种更快(也更愉悦)的晋级办法。

"What we found is if you practise a slightly modified version of a task you want to master,you actually learn more and faster than if you just keep practising the exact same thing multiple times in a row,"said lead researcher Pablo Celnik,from Johns Hopkins University.“

腾讯分分彩 我们的研究发明,只要把你想完成的目标稍加修改再加以演习,你能比接连数次进行同种难度的演习学得更多也更快。”来自美国约翰霍普金斯大学的领头研究人员Pablo Celnik如许说道。

腾讯分分彩 The researchers figured this out by getting 86 volunteers to learn to a new skill-moving a cursor on a computer screen by squeezing a small device,instead of using a mouse.


腾讯分分彩 The volunteers were split into three groups,and each spent 45 minutes practising this.


Six hours later,one of the groups was asked to repeat the same training exercise again,while another group performed a slightly different version that required different squeezing force to move the cursor.


The third group only completed the first training session,so they could act as a control.


腾讯分分彩 At the end of the training period,everyone was tested on how accurately and quickly they could perform the new skill,and predictably,the control group did the worst after their one training session.


腾讯分分彩 But the surprise was that the gro是印欧语系-日耳曼语族下的说话,由26个字母组合而成,英文字母渊源于拉丁字母,拉丁字母渊源于希腊字母,而希腊字母则是由腓尼基字母演变而来的。up that had repeated the original training session actually did worse on the test compared to those who had mixed things up and trained in new areas-in fact,the group that modified their training did twice as well as those who'd repeated the original skill.


So how does that work?

腾讯分分彩 为什么会如许呢?

The researchers believe it's due to something called reconsolidation,which is a process whereby existing memories are recalled and modified with new knowledge.It's long been suggested that reconsolidation could help to strengthen motor skills,but this is one of the first experiments to test that hypothesis.


This is also why the researchers gave the participants a 6-hour gap between training session-earlier neurological research has shown that's how long it takes for our memories to reconsolidate.


"Our results are important because little was known before about how reconsolidation works in relation to motor skill development.This shows how simple manipulations during training can lead to more rapid and larger motor skill gains because of reconsolidation,"said Celnik.“

腾讯分分彩 我们的研究成果的重要性在于,早年人们对从新整合机制与技能习得二者之间的接洽关系性所知甚少。而如今的实验成果证实,在练习过程中对练习办法稍加修改就能唤醒从新组合机制,从而让人们学得更快,成果更多。

腾讯分分彩 We're pretty keen to try it out.

腾讯分分彩 我们等不及要尝尝啦。

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